Oscar Wilde
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Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.
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I’m laughing so hard right now omfg

so apparently I have model bone structure 

"kind of like scream but not scream" the exact words that came out of my cousins mouth 

this is horrible ahahahahahahhaah

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Meaning this generally: Fuck everyone.

People never mean what they say and if they do it’s for themselves.

I get too exhausted mentally/emotionally. 

I’m tired of associating with people that are not contributing to the world and only focusing on their little niche they call their world.

No, fuck you. Look at the bigger picture. Think deeper than what you see on the news, think deeper than what you are taught, think deeper than what society teaches you and be a fucking citizen. Contribute by changing the fucking world don’t just sit their basking in your fucking glory of youth. No. It’s only ever going to last 15 minutes.

I may seem completely ignorant and I completely agree…however are people serious? Do people live this way? you may ask how can I change the world? How can I really contribute?

Educate yourself, START WITH YOURSELF, care for others. There’s this thing when you’re a child that you grow up without and later on you begin to develop. It’s called sympathy and empathy it’s necessary.. I feel like people these days are growing up without it because they’re hidden behind their fucking technology and not absorbing what’s truly around them. It’s frustrating. We’re nothing but mindless drones without emotions.

There’s a way to balance everything in a positive way, a useful way.

Who cares about what’s huge in pop culture today AND hating ON what’s big in pop culture today doesn’t make you biggerthan what’s in pop culture today

so make your dick shrink 3-4 maybe 10 inches. Lower your ego because there’s billions of us here and not everyone’s aware.. so don’t hate on them for not knowing and simply educate them and teach them something new broaden their horizons… enlighten them…

That’s what’s beautiful about being alive. The power of knowledge and discovering new things daily.

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Message me 1 thing you want to know about me.

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when i make a joke to myself and no one’s around to hear it



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